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Food and Beverage Packages

Please email for information on pricing and availability on space rental, dining and beverage packages.

Forestry Camp provides a unique journey through a menu rich with inspiration and storytelling. Our chefs partner with the local community of farmers and purveyors, turning to the bounty of Appalachia for fresh, local, and in-season ingredients.

Whole animal butchery provides the opportunity to work closely with farmers intentionally raising cows, pigs, chicken, and fish. Relationships are built to procure these animals with a goal of honoring the agricultural process of raising livestock and utilizing every part on our menus.

Preservation allows Forestry Camp to partner with local growers by investing in fresh produce to preserve and incorporate into the menu throughout the year. The practice of preservation is woven into the ethos of Forestry Camp from preserving food, to traditional practices and restoration of the historic property.

Our ingredients tell a story in every meal, a story of tradition, connection, preparation, and culture.

A la Carte Package

Includes a selection of Forestry Camp favorites including snacks and small bites, sandwiches, shareable entrees and desserts. Select up to 5 options to be served buffet or family style.

Camp Pit Package

For a more interactive experience, our Camp Pit Package features our whole animal program and our on site pit barbecue preparation and includes a selection of vegetable and meat platters along with fixings. In addition to the hearty offering, several sides highlighting local ingredients elevate the culinary experience.

Camp Cook For You Package

Chef de Cuisine, JT DeBrie, will guide you through a culinary experience featuring a variety of preparations and ingredients that are inspired by the culinary history of Appalachia. Be transported. This menu is available in 3, 4, or 5 courses.

Alongside our thoughtfully curated menu and knowledgeable service staff, Forestry Camp completes the experience with our exemplary beverage program. Inspired by the founders of Burial Beer Co., our restaurant showcases craft beverage at its finest, featuring wine makers, distillers and craft brewers from around the country and world. All beverage packages are priced on a per person basis and require the entire party to participate.

CCC Package

This package features Burial beer and our house red and white wine from our curated list.

Blue Ridge Package

This package features Burial beer and Sommelier selected red and white wine.